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YUNHWAY and Jhnovr conclude their contracts with WEDAPLUGG RECORDS after 5 years of promoting under the label.

YUNHWAY and Jhnovr

On December 19th, WEDAPLUGG RECORDS announced termination of contracts with YUNHWAY and Jhnovr. In an Instagram post regarding the departure, the label stated:

“We sincerely thank YUNHWAY and Jhnovr for their dedication  and will support their new challenge in the future”. 

Both artists have  been signed to WEDAPLUGG RECORDS since 2018. 

Even though YUNHWAY released her debut song Fatal Love in 2015, it wasn't until 2019, following her participation in Show Me The Money 8, that she gained recognition. Since then, YUNHWAY has been active in the Korean music scene, and she released her first studio album titled YUNHWAY earlier this year. Besides her musical endeavours, she also ventures into modelling, having collaborated with brands like Topshop and Adidas.

Jhnovr began his music career in 2016 while posting tracks on SoundCloud. He officially debuted under Badtrip in 2017 with the release of the EP Escape From The Late Night. After signing to WEDAPLUGG he started working with artists like GIRIBOY, NO:EL and others. Currently, Strangers Again, You gotta know for me, and Hit Me Up (featuring NO:EL) rank among Jhnovr’s top 5 songs on Spotify. 


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