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After years of working with the company, Gray, Lee Hi, Woo Wonjae and GooseBumps are not renewing their contracts with AOMG.

On March 28th, the official AOMG social media accounts released a statement informing that GRAY, Lee Hi, Woo Wonjae and GooseBumps are parting ways with the music label. In the announcement, the company expresses gratitude to fans for supporting the artist throughout the years and encouraging the future pursuits of Gray, Lee Hi, Woo Wonjae, and GooseBumps.

“Hello, this is AOMG. We would like to inform you that the exclusive contracts with our artists Gray, Woo Wonjae, Lee Hi, and GooseBumps have concluded. Thank you for your interest and love toward Gray, Woo Wonjae, Lee Hi, and GooseBumps during their time with us. We hope you will continue to show great love. AOMG will continue to support Gray, Woo Wonjae, Lee Hi, and GooseBumps in their future endeavors. Thank you.”

Following the official announcement, the artists took to their individual social media accounts to share heartfelt messages with fans and colleagues, expressing their gratitude to AOMG for the memorable journey.

Lee Hi, who spent nearly four eventful years with AOMG, made waves with her numerous music releases and participation in the AOMG World Tour. From the explosive love received for singles like 'Holo' and 'For You' to the critical acclaim garnered by her first full album release as a member of AOMG, 4 ONLY, Lee Hi has undoubtedly left an indelible mark as a powerhouse vocalist.

Signed to AOMG in 2013, being the first artist to join the company, GRAY has proven himself as an all-around musician with his impeccable prowess in producing, writing, composing, rapping, and singing. With production credits on timeless tracks such as Jay Park’s ‘MOMMAE (Feat. Ugly Duck)’ and Woo Wonjae’s ‘We Are (Feat. Loco & GRAY)’, GRAY’s contributions to AOMG are unparalleled.

Woo Wonjae, whose journey began with a breakout appearance on the rap competition TV show "Show Me the Money 6," soared to fame with his chart-topping debut single 'We Are.' Despite initial doubts about joining AOMG's vibrant atmosphere that contrasted his vibe, Woo Wonjae‘s signing with AOMG in 2017 marked a significant milestone in his career, further solidifying his position as a rising star in the K-hip-hop industry. Since then, Woo released multiple singles and EPs and collaborated with many talented fellow artists. His unique presence and versatility as an artist were showcased time and time again, most recently in his EP comma.

GooseBumps, known for his distinctive style as a producer, captivated audiences with his solo projects and collaborations. Hits like 'Somewhere (Feat. GRAY, Hoody, ELO & DeVita)' released in late 2020 as his first single under AOMG, show his knack for creating infectious beats that resonate with listeners. He gained notable recognition for producing every track in Simon Dominic’s EP No Open Flames and Sik-K‘s EP Officially OG, among other noteworthy projects.

These departures closely follow former AOMG member Meenoi's advertisement controversy and AOMG CEO Pumkin's resignation, along with the resolution of GooseBumps' conflict with rapper NO:EL over a previous physical altercation.

As AOMG undergoes significant transformations, fans are left wondering about the future trajectory of the label. Will the remaining artists step up to fill the void, or will a new generation of AOMG artists usher in a new era in K-hip-hop? Only time will tell as the landscape of AOMG continues to evolve.

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