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pH-1 and MEN’S TEAR are criticising each in the new diss tracks.

pH-1 and MEN’S TEAR


Beautiful Nerds is a comedy channel that parodies certain awkward aspects of Korean Hip-Hop artists. Their recent hit “AK47” has landed them invites to perform at festivals and clubs alongside top Korean rappers. pH-1 did not find their content particularly humorous and, during his HIPHOPPLAYA festival performance, called the duo out:

“People pretending to be rappers. Stirring up controversy to boost views, mocking rappers, eventually end up with a swollen nose”. 

Not long after pH-1’s expression, MEN’S TEAR were performing at the Daegu Hiphop Festival, where they publicly responded:

“Stop gossiping behind our backs and criticize us to our faces. We’re not getting a swollen nose but we’re making good money. If it’s uncomfortable, adjust your posture and sit properly”.


On May 5th, pH-1 released a diss track, titled ‘BEAUTIFUL’, directed at the MEN’S TEAR crew. He criticises them for ridiculing other rappers and highlights the fact that they are taking away opportunities from others in the music scene, while not being genuine artists themselves. pH-1 states: 

“You guys may be fun and all, and you call yourselves ‘self-proclaimed rappers’ but I know I rap better than you. Just keep the boundaries”.

Listen to the full diss here:

K$AP RAMA, the member of MEN’S TEAR, responded by releasing a song ‘hp-1’ the next day. The track was announced on the group’s Instagram account and the post was captioned ‘Thanks to you I stayed up all night’. K$AP RAMA used remarks like ‘black haired foreigner’ and ‘Masked Singer 0 votes’ to refer to pH-1 in the diss. 

K$AP RAMA’s track:

Amidst online discussions, there are speculations surrounding pH-1’s reaction. It is suggested that Korean rappers, acknowledging the current downturn in K Hip-Hop, feel disheartened and frustrated. They are angered that those who mock the music scene are receiving the same opportunities as legitimate artists. 


Certainly, when it comes to public arguments, other artists pick sides. So far, E-Sense has shown his support for pH-1 with a number of Instagram stories. In the stories, E-Sense said:

“@ph1boyyy your courage is admirable @cjaewoo_97 has to probably carry a AK47 trembling / Where are the rappers that made songs with MEN’S TEAR!”

“Of course I am on pH-1’s side”

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