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Having parted from RBW Entertainment, Wheein has been looking for a new label to join.

At the end of July, Ravi announced the establishment of his new label "THE L1VE" alongside the news that Ailee would be the first artist to join. It is now reported that Wheein will also join the label.

THE L1VE is a label different to Ravi's other label ("GROOVL1N") in that it will aim to focus on supporting artists of various genres. With talent such as Cold Bay, Xydo, and nafla under GROOVL1N, we can likely expect similar high-quality artists with their own unique style in THE L1VE.

Despite previous rumours saying that Wheein would potentially be joining H1GHR MUSIC, these claims were later denied by a representative. However, THE L1VE has now confirmed that they are "positively discussing a potential contract", as stated to Xportsnews.

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